date April 8, 2022
Weight update
I'm back in the 233 lbs range (233.6 to be specific), so I'm hopeful for a loss on the 11th.
Cooked up some burgers (that need to be eaten as they've been in the freezer a while) and the rest of my pasta shells,
and split them between four meals. I just finished those today. After the gym today, I plan on cooking the rest of
the burgers I have and cook up some spaghetti for meals. I really enjoy the burgers I bought, they're very juicy for
being cheap frozen burgers.
Since my last update, I've hit every workout day as intended. Last week I had started the program change, separating
out my legs to their own day, leaving me with a chest/arms day on Monday, a leg day on Wednesday, and a
back/shoulders day on Friday. The plan is to do this until mid-June, and then start a new program.

I am dropping the fourth set, I found that doing it last week left me feeling a bit too fried at the end and my final
exercise of the day suffered.