friends & neighbours

Stories of a Calamity World: My friend Misty's collection of short stories, as she anticipates the publication of her first book.

Techramancer Katt Dev: An independent, unincorporated video game studio started by two best friends here in the frigid north known as Canada.

The Museum of Alexandra: A digital curation of Alexandra's digital memories, trinkets, projects, and adoptables.
cool stuff

Godot Engine: a free-and-open-source (FOSS) game development engine

Sukiyaki City: A personal space for Ryou, containing containing art, photography, graphics, adoptables, and more.

MacRev: A lovely space to utilize as a jumping off point for finding new interests, gaining new knowledge, and overall learning to be better for you and any situation you may encounter, because you never know what's around the corner! A pro-free-web website devoted to working toward a better internet. Sadness provides tips, tools, and other information on how to expand the individualized web, and move away from centralized structures like Facebook, as well as the impending Web3 movement.

Let's Learn Together: A website of collective information to begin studying new topics and learning new skills.

Flamed Fury: Homepage of the user flaMEd, contains a collection of their interests, articles, guides.

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