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12022 Goals: Stay on the weight-loss train (currently 35.8 lbs down since May); Finish a book a month; Try and write an article every couple weeks for my website; Pick a topic for self-study and actually study it; Work on a game dev project consistently - 12021/12/27

The plateau has been broken! 247 lbs as of this morning. I consider this an absolute win. - 12021/12/06

Hit 250.4 again this Monday, so I'm hopefully back on the drop. Still haven't swapped my headlights out so can't get back to the gym yet. I've added a webring, courtesy of sadness's guide. If you're interesting in joining it, click the join button below and submit the info. I'll get more content up under projects as soon as I can, as I've added lines for another current project which I had started under another handle, as well as for some past projects. - 12021/12/02

Weighed in this morning at 252 lbs, so only a .2 lbs drop. However, that's positive progress, so heck yes! Also, starting a project rewrite to make the functions more concise. You can (eventually) read more about it here. - 12021/11/22

Updates will go here. Some may be expandable (as in, they'll open a new page) - 12021/11/19