Hi! I'm techramancer
Welcome to my website. If you've been here before, you'll know I had a sort of fancy layout. I've decided against it. I'll be going with a plain pre-Y2K design rather than all the fancy giraffex.
Oh, and as you'll notice, all the dates are using the Human Era/Holocene Calendar entries for years. Why? Because.

Weight update: I am now 241.6 lbs, having now lost 43 lbs since May of 12021. I've also added in a recipe for my Cabbage Stewp (Stew Soup), which is derived from the infamous Peel-a-Pound Soup diet trend. After making the soup back in 2020, I found I quite enjoyed it, and so it's become a staple in my diet. I could care less about the rest of the psychotic diet that's promoted, though. My uneducated recommendation is: don't follow fad diets. Just add or remove things in regards to your lifestyle, as you need. Focus on eating the right amount of calories for your goals, and just try to feel good about what your eating. If that means eating burgers and fries, then by all means, go for it, but YOU be in control of what you're eating. Know what you're putting in your body, at the very least from the stand point of the nutrition labels of the foods you buy. - 12022/01/24

Added a new link on here to my friend Misty's website, which is a collection of short stories she's writing as she works to publish her first book. You can check out the website here or by clicking this icon: . You can also donate to her here, to help her in her endeavours. - 12022/01/21

First article, a sort-of blog post, is up. You can read it here. It talks about my life, and does reference mental health and eating disorders. - 12022/01/16

Moved the header into the menu iFrame and added a book icon. Created the techramancy sigil, first for the book, then as a separate animated icon beside my name above. Also created a new, animated Hosted On Neocities 88x31 button which you can see below. Moved year 12021 updates to an archive page. - 12022/01/07

Updated the width and height values for the menu iFrame, as well as the height value of the footer iFrame. Updated the weight page to reference the old weights to showe the entire progress. Added a weight counter to the menu iFrame as well. - 12022/01/03

Updated the 12022 page, as well as changing the fit page to health&fit, adding in a page regarding what I'm doing for my fitness. Diet page still to come. Oh! I've also added some social media links to my about/now page, so feel free to check them out. Happy New Year! - 12022/01/01

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